High pressure and soft washing services to remove dirt and grime from your home’s exterior. We also clean gutters!

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How We Wash Houses

High Pressure Washing

High-pressure washing will remove dirt buildup and grime from your home’s exterior and make it look like new again. Pressure washing prevents damage from grime and moss by keeping them from penetrating the surface and causing cracks or corrosion.

Soft Washing

Not every surface requires high-pressure cleaning. In fact, applying high water pressure to your roof’s shingles or other delicate exterior surfaces can have extreme damaging effects. We use proper soft washing detergents that spray on and penetrate the surface, doing the deep cleaning you need without the harmful pressure. The detergent kills and removes algae and breaks it free of the surface, then we give the roof a good rinse and wash all that grime to the ground.

House Washing FAQ

How often do I need my home washed?

There is no timetable necessarily. It all depends on your environment. You can’t “overwash” your home. So having it routinely done once a year isn’t a bad idea. Mold and algae are bad for your home’s surfaces. The sooner you get it removed the better. And having it done once a year could prevent any mold from growing to begin with.

Can I wash my home myself?

Of course you can! But doing so takes a level of knowledge and expertise. You want the right equipment with the right detergents. In our industry we are finding that pressure isn’t quite the way to go for every surface. And just using water allows the mold and mildew to return fairly quickly. When you just use water you aren’t killing the bacteria that is allowing the mold to grow. Also just using pressure can leave lines and marks all over your siding or decks that are extremely difficult to get out once it happens. Here at Colony Pressure Washing we have 10+ years of this experience, and understand the proper detergents and techniques to use to get your home looking beautiful again.

Will the detergents harm my plants?

We take pride in treating your home as well as vegetation as our own. Before we spray any type of solution on your home we saturate the entire area with water both before and after applying soap to your house. We also have a neutralizer available for when we need to use a stronger solution on a heavier soiled home.

Gutter Cleaning Service

Gutter cleaning should be done twice a year in the spring and fall. Keeping your gutters clean and free of debris helps prevent water damage to your home, wards off pests, protects your roof, avoids fascia rot and damage and helps prevent your basement from flooding. Overflowing gutters is just allowing the water to sit at your foundation and run into your basement. Keeping your gutters flowing properly allows the water to run through your gutter system away from your home.

Areas We Serve

We serve locations anywhere within a 40-mile radius of both West Chester, PA (19382) and Morgantown, PA (19543).

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