A dirty roof tends to be darker, which means it absorbs more sunlight than a clean roof. This can cause excess heat to accumulate in your attic and lead to a warmer home and higher electric bills. Soft washing your roof can reduce your cooling costs during those warmer summer months.

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Why Have Your Roof Washed?

Does your roof have black stains? Those stains are actually shortening your roof’s lifespan. Dirt and grime can also cause the adhesive under the shingles to separate from the roof deck, leaving your roof vulnerable to more damage, including leaks.

We recommended having your roof washed sooner rather than later once you start to see moss and algae growth. Regular cleaning will add years of life back onto your roof.

Roof Washing FAQs

How do you clean a roof without damaging it?

A soft wash method is recommended. Depending if you have asphalt shingle, cedar shake, slate, medal or any other type of material, will depend on the solution you need to mix up to get it properly cleaned. Leaving our eco-friendly detergent to do all the work. Applying high pressure to any of these materials can damage them fairly quickly. Applying the right solution and allowing proper dwell time, lifts the mold and organic growth to the surface. Allowing us to remove mold and algae with a high volume of water as opposed to too much pressure.

Can I clean my roof myself?

As important it is to have your roof washed, it is even more important to stay safe. Doing it yourself can lead to more harm than good if not properly done. Improper roof cleaning can lead to damage and leaks into your home. Plus it involves a high level of risk. Without proper training you can easily fall off a roof or ladder. Leave it to the professionals, who have been properly trained to use the proper techniques and materials for a much safer wash.

Does roof washing improve curb appeal?

It sure will! From bird droppings, to mold and mildew growing on your shingles. A routine roof wash maintains the beauty of your home. Even leaves lying on your roof create opportunity for moisture underneath, growing mold and leaving dark spots on your shingles. Get the leaves removed yearly and wash your roof every 3-5 years to get the most out of such an expensive investment.

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