Is the wood on your deck or siding looking gray, rotted, or generally not appealing to look at? Professionally cleaning or repainting your deck, siding, or fencing every 2-3 years is a great way to protect your investment and extend the life of your wood surfaces.

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Our Method for Restoring Exterior Wood Surfaces

First, we must determine if you are removing an old sealer from the wood or if it is just natural organic growth and graying from the sun. After that we then:

  • Clear the area of all items
  • Spray the area down with just water
  • Spray a stripper/restorer on the wood
  • Allow sufficient dwell time
  • Lightly wash with a pressure washer, making sure to make no sudden stops and not getting too close to the wood
  • Rinse
  • Apply a brightener to neutralize the stripper/restorer as well as bring the bright natural beauty of the wood back

Why Choose a Professional for Exterior Wood Restoration

We have the proper solutions to clean, strip, restore and treat all wood surfaces, to help lift the organic growth to the surface and wash with as little pressure as possible.

After the wood has been cleaned and all dirt, grime, mold and algae has been removed we spray a brightener on to neutralize the stripper and brighten the wood back to its natural beauty.

This process requires professional-grade products and expertise to get the best results.

Wood Restoration FAQ

What is the difference between a wood stripper and wood restorer?

Stripper is a much stronger cleaner used to remove old paint and stain. While a restorer is a less harsh cleaner used to remove natural organic growth and the gray of the elements.

Should I pressure wash my deck before staining?

Yes, pressure washing your deck before staining allows the stain/paint to adhere and penetrate the wood much better. Allowing for it to last longer. Removing the mold and algae build up as well as the graying from the sun and elements allows for a more uniform look with stain.

Do you offer exterior painting services?

Yes! We will restore your exterior wooden surfaces from start to finish. After we have properly cleaned and prepped the surface to be sealed. We will come back in dry whether to apply the stain/paint of your choice! Solid or semi-transparent. It’s completely up to you. Re-applying the proper sealer to your exterior wood surfaces protects it from water and the damaging effects of the sun. Doing so increases its lifespan and helps to prevent rot and decay.

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